The Global U Story

Global U Immersive Educational Travel was founded on the belief that students can learn more in a few weeks abroad than in a year studying from behind a school desk. We developed our program to offer true immersion, with deep insights into other cultures and to give students the opportunity to experience people, places and things outside their own comfort zones – this is where personal growth begins and life skills are taught. We see our mission as expanding global citizenship through immersive educational travel. Global U customizes every itinerary in alignment with educators and schools, always having their needs and trip requirements in mind. We focus on the content that you look for and plan, prepare, conduct and service every individual journey – and advise our school partners regarding the best destinations, schedules and options. We believe in the educational value of student travel, hence every group remains private and is not mixed with groups from other schools in order to guarantee the best teaching and learning conditions possible.

Our Network

Global U is part of the Cambridge Network, a Massachusetts-based organization of global international education companies that strive to expand human perspectives and world harmony through education. The Cambridge Network and its partners serve more than 300 U.S. High Schools, as well as many colleges and universities, by supporting students, families, and schools in immersive cross-cultural learning. Founded in 2009, our partners are served by twelve offices in the U.S., China, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan.


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