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    Global U is a culturally immersive experience instead of the traditional "Educational Tour" that has become no more than a destination vacation.

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Educational Travel Curriculum Development


In order for Global U to develop curriculum based on the destination you have chosen, we need to understand your objectives.   Our mission is to “EXPAND HUMAN PERSPECTIVES AND WORLD HARMONY THROUGH EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL”  

Our team of Global U Educators will develop a customized itinerary to ensure your (can you say – youth and adult participants, it sounds more like a partnership that way) students and you receive a global perspective from the destination and itinerary we create.

We will perform an in depth analysis of your existing curriculum and create various learning goals, thereby utilizing Global U Immersive Educational experiences to reinforce your classroom instruction.

Our team will ensure your students take advantage of the pre and post trip instruction, so when they’re on tour, they will understand why all of our trips are composed of the following:

  1. All of our trips are customized and that’s where it begins. By answering the following questions, it will allow us to build a curriculum based on an “Understanding by Design” approach or as commonly known as the “The Backwards Learning Model”.
  2. We use local guides that reflect the destination and have a thorough understanding of the culture that exists now as well as in the past. Our guides will create an environment that welcomes dialogue and encourages questions. Our smaller group sizes not only allow for this exchange, but it becomes part of the experience since they are not combined with other students and teachers from other schools. This approach allows for less confusion and more immersion for your students and you.
  3. All Global U trips have some form of service learning built in, so your students gain a greater understanding of the world around them and at home. We engage the community that surrounds them and helps them work through various issues of their hosts daily life. Past trips have included time rebuilding a school in Nepal, rebuilding walking trails in Costa Rica, teaching English in China or handing out food in Hungary.

Once you have filled out this questionnaire, we will do the following:

  1. We will build the trip around your destination, your length of stay and ensure it fits your academic calendar.
  2. We will identify your learning objectives and map them for inclusion in the itinerary and coordinate them with your overall objectives and educational outcomes. Design the trip so that your desired learning outcomes and objectives are integrated throughout the experience.
  3. Your desired learning outcomes will ensure that where we stay, what we eat, what is described on tour and how the guide pushes beyond the standard Educational Tour and empowers the group to thoroughly immerse themselves in the culture and history of your desired destination.
  4. The last thing will do is make changes to the trip so your students and you achieve your desired outcome and have a great time doing it.

After all, It’s your Private Immersive Educational Experience and we are here to support you in making this the best educational experience you and your students have ever had.


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