Student Safety

The safety of all our students and participants is our first and foremost priority. Every group is accompanied by its teacher(s) and a tour director who stays with the group for the duration of the trip. All tour directors are experienced with student travel, know how to act in emergency situations, and follow emergency protocols like first aid and CPR. While traveling, we are in constant contact with our colleagues overseas. All chaperones – tour directors and teachers – are provided with an emergency line they can reach us at 24/7 here in the United States.

We take pride in our safety practices, and with the individualized attention we give to each tour, we are able to scrutinize and assess risk associated with every aspect of our trips. It is this attention to detail that ensures we continue to keep our zero reported incident rating.

Prior to travel and during the planning phase we advise schools and teachers about all safety precautions, and meticulously prepare every participant of our journey about culture, do’s and don’ts, how to act in case of an emergency and embassy/consulate contacts in the country that is visited.


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