Day On Tour

At Global U, we provide experiential learning opportunities and cultural immersion for students. We do so in the way we plan and shape our trips. To give you an idea, check out what a day on tour with Global U would entail.

A Typical Day on Tour (Generic bus trips)

  • Wake up & grab breakfast at the hotel
  • Get on the bus with 50 other kids for a 45 minute trip into the heart of the city
  • Wait in line to visit a well known site, stay close to your tour guide so you can ask questions
  • Eat at a local restaurant that serves meals you eat at home
  • Get back on the bus and wait in line for your afternoon site seeing
  • Get back on the bus and head back to your hotel for dinner
  • Stay in the hotel because there’s really nothing to see this far out of the city or in the area you are staying in
  • Head to bed with three other students in your room
  • Unfortunately, you cannot make a change for tomorrow as there are too many others on the bus
  • Wake up and repeat for the duration of your trip unless you paid one of the optional fees for something special

The Global U Difference

  • Wake up to a hearty breakfast at your hotel  or wake up to a home cooked meal with a local family before beginning your day
  • Join your guide and the rest of your private group downstairs and walk out into the heart of the city  as your Global U experience begins in a far off land or meet your group after breakfast
  • Today you could be seeing a site, but hopefully not waiting in line with our “Skip the Line service” at various popular spots
  • You could be interning for the day at Coca Cola, JP Morgan Chase or other companies
  • You could be earning service learning credits towards a Global Competency Certificate from
  • Lunch will be served at a local restaurant or perhaps set up a picnic in a park you biked to after shopping in a local market
  • The afternoon you might continue your morning activities or take in a cooking class, Gladiator school or one of many local traditions that will get you further involved in the local community
  • Dinner might be something you prepared, your host family prepared or at a local hot spot where you’re able to sit with and talk to locals and exchange thoughts, ideas and perhaps gain a greater understanding of their culture through the shared experience of your Global U day
  • Spend night with host family or with your roommate knowing that tomorrow you will learn even more than today and the fun has now become immeasurable


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