At Global U we respect educators. We’re not here to tell you how to teach your students; you know how to do that already. But we are available as a resource to offer suggestions on regional literature, scientific studies, geography, politics, history, arts and culture. We are also happy to offer our support in assisting you with ideas for pre- and post-trip lesson planning. We also support the creation of student portfolios and applying on tour experience to college essays and job applications.

Like your own classroom, if there were 48 students attending and three other teachers trying to espouse their own curriculum upon them (same as an Educational Travel bus tour), unfortunately something will be lost in translation. With Global U, we purposely do not combine your group with others which is the beginning of a more intimate experience and allows for a truer exchange. We take it further by being able to offer homestays on many of our popular trips along with sports competitions, actual full day school visits and true service learning opportunities that leave a lasting impression on our travelers and the cultures they are living amongst each and every day.

The voyage itself will provide ample opportunity for learning, and we believe you should enjoy it to the fullest as you experience it.


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